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Japanese tea culture is famous all around the world and the Japanese Coarse Pottery Pumpkin Teapot is its true reflection.Traditional Japanese Bizen ware (pottery) by ceramic artist, Bifu Kimura at Kibido - Tea Pot.Kyusu is the Japanese word for the traditional teapot used for preparing loose leaf green tea in Japan.

Japanese cast iron teapots, called tetsubin or sometimes tetsukyusu, are a traditional part of the Japanese tea ceremony.Most of the Japanese kyusu teapot on the market are made of the ceramics.

First, the handle: Unlike those traditional teapots, you are not.Prior to firing, one technique which is often used in making Tokoname-yaki is the mixing of several different colors of clay.The Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot is all handmade.The cast iron tea pots symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world and the.We sourced this teapot for its elegant design and high quality performance with an everyday price.This traditional Japanese cast iron teapot, also called a tetsubin, is perfect for brewing tea.

Happy Sales HSCT-BMR05, Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Bamboo Red.The cast iron tea pot is good for keeping hot tea hot and has more than 400-years histories in Japan.

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Yixing teapots have been a staple of tea making in China since the 15th Century, prized for their elegance and exceptional tea brewing capabilities.One of the auxiliary pleasures of drinking tea is selecting accoutrements: utensils, cups, kettles, storage tins, and, of course, teapots.

Cast Iron Japanese Style Teapot: Tea time in Japan is a centuries old tradition.When we drink Japanese green tea, we surely use a kyusu to pour the drink into cups.The choices are legion with a dazzling array of shapes, sizes, decorative touches.

The difference in price is explained by the care taken during making and decoration of these objects.Hohin: The kyusu teapot without a handle, basically it is used for a high-end tea that you would make tea with a little amount of tea leaves such as Gyokuro etc.It might look like an object of art or a collectible at first sight, but it is a truly professional tea ware.

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It originates from the Japanese iron teakettle design called a tetsubin, which was often used as a teapot.

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A traditional expertly crafted cast iron teapot with painting on the exterior surface.Comes with a stainless tea strainer and has excellent heat retention properties.All of them are made of real cast iron so the main difference is going to be the size, aesthetics, and cost.

Japanese Coarse Pottery Tea Set With Warmer is exquisite, classy and elegant and.

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Traditional japanese teapot products are most popular in Eastern Asia, North America, and Southeast Asia.

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Here I have used a regular teapot and a Chinese teacup so you can see the soup better.

Serving dobin-mushi, a soup in the teapot | GOURMANDE in OSAKA

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